• A fungus-like organism that infects fish eggs is notorious with salmon farmers. According to NIOO-researchers, a particular species of bacteria could offer a sustainable solution.
    Posted on 17/04/2014
  • The effects of animal migrations on world ecosystems have been overlooked, argues NIOO-researcher Silke Bauer in Science magazine.
    Posted on 03/04/2014
  • Independent experts have rated the Centre for Avian Migration & Demography as 'excellent' and praised its unique records.
    Posted on 28/03/2014
  • Why does an insect pick a particular plant to feed on, and not another one nearby? NIOO-researcher Olga Kostenko tried a new approach to an issue ecologists have grappled with for decades.
    Posted on 04/03/2014


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work at NIOO

You'll find more than 220 people at the NIOO, from almost 30 nationalities. Researchers, analysts, supporting staff, but also many students.


NIOO disseminates its research results via many hundreds of scientific publications. Next to that, we also try to 'translate' our knowledge to enhance application.


The NIOO institute works from a sustainable research building with a lot of eco-technology. Experimental green roof to a 'golden' toilet: learn from nature!