Projecten van het NIOO-KNAW gesorteerd per werkgroep op alfabet

Aquatische Ecologie
Microbiële Ecologie
Terrestrische Ecologie



Aquatische Ecologie

Financier Omschrijving/naam van project
  Explaining the structure and dynamics of communities by means of individual-based simulation models (OSIRIS
  Interactions among three closely related Daphnia 'species' in contrasting environments - a microcosm study (COSM)
  Viability of food specialist in a fluctuating heterogeneous environment: the Everglade Snail kite (EVERKITE)


The role of fungal parasites in phytoplankton growth and succession (PARASITE/DIATOM)


Inducible defences: from individual plasticity to food web dynamics and persistence (DEFENCE)
  Chasing the Red Queen (QUEEN)


Connectivity, dispersal and priority effects as drivers of biodiversity and ecosystem function in pond and pool communities (BIOPOOL)


Multiple stressors - The combined effect of pesticides, cyanotoxins and infochemicals on zooplankton (MULTISTRESS)
  Genomic approach to study induced defence in cyanobacteria (CYANOGEN)
  Biomass size distributions of micro-crustacean zooplankton communities: can they be explained by variations in temperature, productivity and habitat complexity? (SIZE)
  Comparative fish community and food web research in lakes and reservoirs along a temperature gradient (FISHSTRAT)
NWO Decoupling and adaptation of trophic interactions in aquatic food webs under climate change (DECADAP)
  Restoration of Dutch peat lakes (DREISSENA/PEAT)
NWO Effects of increased pCO2 on freshwater food webs through physical-chemical coupling: a stoichiometric perspective (STOICHWEB)
CWE The impact of rising pCO2 on harmful cyanobacteria (CWECYANO)
NWO Impact of climate change on the vulnerability of lakes for surface blooms of harmful cyanobacteria (CLIMCYANO)
NWO New integrative model of lake ecosystems functioning: stability and controllability analysis (INTEGRATE)
  Ecohydromorphology in shallow lakes: quantifying effects of biological elements on abiotic processes in shallow lakes (ECOMORPH)
  Impact of eutrophication status and fisheries on major pathways in Lake Victoria food webs: a combined experimental and field study approach (SEDEC-1)
  Modelling study to unravel interactions and feedbacks resulting from eutrophication or fishery as most likely factors driving changes in Lake Victoria’s food web (SEDEC-2)
  Environmental stress and disease in aquatic ecosystems (GEDIHAP)



Financier Omschrijving/naam van project
  The effect of waterfowl grazing on vegetation composition and the population dynamics of fennel pondweed (EXCLOSURES)
  Competition between charophytes and fennel pondweed in shallow lakes; may avian herbivores affect the outcome? (COMPETITION)
  The impact of herbivores on establishment, diversity and community composition of aquatic plants (WAFORMURA)
  The impact of loss of macrophyte diversity due to eutrophication for ecosystem diversity and functions (LOENDERVEEN)
CWE Dispersal of aquatic organisms by waterbirds: what makes a good disperser? (SNAIL)
  Qualification of the allochtonous nutrient input in freshwater by waterfowl (ALLONUT)
NWO Arctic breeding waterfowl as vectors for avian influenza viruses (IPY-AVIFLU)
NWO The use of 'Southern Capital' in Arctic breeding waterfowl (GOOSARCTIC)
  Changes along the migratory route of Bewick's swans (ESTONIA)
  Fitness consequences of diet choice in waterbirds of agricultural and natural landscapes (FIT DIET)
 NWO Leaving the Arctic: how shorebirds prepare for southward migratory flights of 10.000 km and more (BERINGIA)
  Social foraging under incomplete information (FORAGING)
 NWO Incorporating tools from behavioural ecology into carrying capacity models of migratory waterbirds (CAPACITY)
 EU Avian Spatial Ecology: from individual behaviour to poplation dynamics in the Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus) using spatially and temporally explicit approaches (MC-BSE)
  Avian Spatial Ecology: from individual behaviour to population dynamics in the Bewick's swan (ASE)
 NWO Spring migration and full-annual cycle models for Arctic breeding birds: explaining and predicting behaviour and population trends (ANNROUT)
  The breeding biology of the great tit and its main competitors
NWO Timing of growth and reproduction: ultimate functions and proximate mechanisms
  Parental investment: ultimate functions and proximate mechanisms
  Evolutionary genetics of avian personalities
NWO Functional significance of reproduction, dispersal and survival, heritability and plasticity of different coping strategies in the great tit
NWO Selection for clutch size in the great tit on Vlieland
  Molecular ecology of birds


Microbiële Ecologie

Financier Omschrijving/naam van project
  Functioning of ammonia- and methane-oxidising bacteria under stress: selection or adaptation?
  Ecology of iron-oxidising bacteria in wetland environments
NWO Ecology of non-thermophilic freshwater crenarchaeota
NWO Resolving variability in plankton size and physiological status for satellite mapping of productivity of dominant algae and cyanobacteria in inland and coastal waters
NWO The role of microbial diversity in the dynamics and stability of global methane consumption: microbial methane oxidation as model-system for microbial ecology (METHECO)
  The biochemical basis of niche differentiation among ammonia-oxidising bacteria
NWO The role of sulphate-reducing bacteria in controlling sediment phosphorus preservation
  Distribution of ammonia-oxidising prokaryotes in impounded mangrove systems
  Interaction between micro organisms and insect herbivores on above- and below-ground parts of Senecio spp: the role of pyrrolizidine alkaloids
  Ecological function of bacterial chitinases in soils
NWO Relationship between microbial community composition and suppressiveness of VFG compost
  Functional links between plant diversity and below-ground microbial biodiversity
NWO The significance of microbial diversity in agricultural soil for suppressiveness of plant diseases and nutrient retention
  Development of pathogen pressure in the rhizosphere of plants with different life histories
  Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in grasslands: evaluation by traditional and molecular based techniques
  Effect of plant-fungal interactions on bacterial traits in the rhizosphere
  Development of methodology to assess the risk of transgenic plants on soil processes
  Genes involved in bacterial mycoparasitism
  Fungal bacterial interactions during degradation of recalcitrant organic matter
NWO Colonization of abandoned arable land by fungi
NWO Effects of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide on the functional diversity of soil microbial communities and consequences for plant disease incidences in natural ecosystems
  Assessing the living soil


Terrestrische Ecologie

Financier Omschrijving/naam van project
  Extrafloral nectar in a multi-trophic context
NWO Insect parasitoids in multitrophic interactions
  Multitrophic interactions in soil communities and consequences for aboveground herbivores and their antagonists
NWO Chemical mediation of interactions between above and below ground phytophages and their natural enemies
  Food source utilization by hymenopteran parasitoids
  Honeydew as a route exposing non-target arthropods to transgene products
  Above-belowground herbivore interactions in wild crucifers
  Honeydew composition in a multitrophic context
  Optimal AG distribution of plant defences after AG and BG herbivore attack
  Competition between plants and herbivores for protection by ants
EU Ecology of plant parasitic nematodes, their host plants and antagonists in European coastal sand dunes: Training opportunity for ecologists and agricultural biocontrol researchers (ECOTRAIN)
  Multitrophic interactions and community ecology: outline of projected experimental programme and progress
NWO The effects of soil herbivores and fungal grazers on ecosystem functioning and biodiversity
NWO Soils in transition: soil food web structure, soil ecosystem processes and vegetation development in secondary succession
EU Conservation of soil biodiversity (CONSIDER)
EU The impact of invasive grass species on the structure, function and sustainable use of coastal and inland sand dune ecosystems in Southern Africa
  Specificity and population biology of plant-parasitic nematodes
NWO Functional analysis of interactions within multiple-species complexes of soil-borne pathogens
  Linking above- and belowground multitrophic interactions
  Direct and indirect above- and belowground interactions
EU Trophic linkages between above- and below-ground organisms as a key to successful restoration of biodiversity on ex-arable land across Europe (TLINKS)
  Soil and sediment biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (SCOPE)